Starr’s love affair with writing began when her parents first bought an Apple IIc.  After re-writing numerous movie plots that she was unhappy with at the tender age of seven, she started creating original works.  Since then she has been picking away at the keyboard, completing six novels, two screenplays, and countless short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres.  

After high school, Starr went on to college to study biology in the hopes of obtaining more material.  She later took many years off of school to write and train Japanese martial arts, including karate and a style of Japanese swordfighting called Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu.  

In 2005 she founded Atmospheric Productions, a local independent film company.  Three years later she completed her first feature length film, Black, which she wrote, directed, and produced.  The screenplay for the sequel, White, has been completed and currently awaits production. 

Starr has since returned to college after managing a local used bookstore to study neurology in the hopes of advancing migraine research.  A life without writing, however, is not an option.  Neither is one without her fiancée, two cats, or 8 ft. long boa constrictor named Lucy.