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Monday, June 13, 2011 at 03:21PM
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Over ten years after writing the first draft of Zurigan's Child, it has been pulled from the lonely depths of my computer and brought to the surface where anyone can read it for a mere $3.99. I am outrageously overjoyed because this new media has given me an opportunity I'd almost given up on ever achieving. Considering that publishers only publish about 3 or so new authors every year out of thousands who submit their material...it's really not encouraging.

However! No longer will Zurigan's Child have to endure the assistant editor's glare. No longer will it sit in the slush piles, never even read because in my haste I put the stamp on crooked or didn't have a fancy enough printer so hand wrote the address instead. (Seriously, these are legitimate reasons that I heard straight from editors.). Now it can indeed acquire readership. Finally. I love technology!

Update on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 08:23PM by Registered CommenterJ Starr Welty

And amidst all the excitement I am absolutely terrified, too.  It's one thing to have a novel safely tucked away, only to be read by close friends, and another to have it exposed to the populace at the mercy of their scrutiny.  It's like taking a chunk of your personality and wrapping it in the method of your thinking, handing it to a stranger and saying, "Take a bite of this and let me know if we connect, then give me your honest opinion.".

Will anyone read it at all?  Will anyone like it, or will they shred me?  These thoughts tear at my mind as I'm sure they do at anyone's with their first novel out for public purchase.  One cannot really judge anything or how it will go because what really makes a "good book"?  I've read books that sounded like stories I'd enjoy only to stumble over the first few paragraphs.  I've trodden through bestsellers, hating every sentence, never finishing them.  I've also found gems that few others would ever acknowledge because of their style or subject matter.  One's taste is never the same as anyone else's.  Even one's mood can determine how a book will be judged by it's first chapter.  I've left one of my favorite author's novels on the shelf for years, an award winner, because the mood just "wasn't right" and I couldn't concentrate on it.

Moody readers.  Damn us all!

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