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Questions and Notecards

     Not a week after posting Zurigan's Child on Amazon.com I got my first fan question from a complete and total stranger.  At first I didn't know how to answer.  No longer was it just sharing info with friends and not really caring if spoilers were involved or not.  I actually had to plot my answer out very, very carefully and go over what info was revealed on book 1 versus 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Holy crap!  Suddenly I realized that I had to brush up on my own Assaudian knowledge as well because I didn't remember some of the finer details myself. 

   Luckily, way back when I'd forseen this becoming a problem because I'd planned on taking a break between writing book 4 and 5.  Caroline, honestly, had become like one of those irritating roommates who are always around that you really want to take a vacation just so you can get a break from them.  She'd turned into quite the freaky lunatic and while I can usually appreciate the crazies in my life...well...too often I'd wished she was real so I could throttle her.  Time for a break.  So I had actually started organizing the character details and events of the series on notecards and created a rudimentary filing system (aka-putting little sticky tabs on the cards and arranging them in tiny boxes.).  As dorky as it sounds, this system has outlasted all of my laptops, and so it remains.  It has become my lifeline now and will continue to be as I copyedit the remaining books in the Assaudian War series and format them for Kindle in the months to come. 

  Back to the fan question: she'd asked if the unicorn had its own name or if it was just Zurigan's parts.  My response was that the black unicorn had no special name, but I couldn't respond further about Zurigan's "parts" because more is revealed in the books and I didn't want to spoil it. 

   If there's one thing about magic in Dore, it's very specific, and everything in the series happens for a reason.  Three cheers for notecards.            

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