Question For All: Fictional Character Made Real
Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 11:44PM
J Starr Welty in For fun, characters

   If given the choice to bring one fictional character to life tomorrow, who would it be and why?  This character does not have to be human.  S/he or it, if incapable of surviving on this planet alone would be assumed to have assistance so s/he or it could.  If incapable of communicating with humans, s/he or it would also have assistance.  I have no idea what people will pick, so I'm just throwing these out there. 

  My answer: Oddly enough, the character I can't get out of my mind is Artemis P. Gone from "The Maxx" comic series.  Sure he was a rapist and kind of a psychopath early on, but he had some amazing psychological talent and interesting powers.  In helping Julie remember the trauma that she repressed and that caused her to have the overlap with the real world and Outback realms, he was pulling some major therapy.  If that kind of universe existed, it's definitely something I would want to discuss with him as well, especially since he could wander between both realms at will.  He did have remorse for his prior "evil ways", so it's not like one would have to worry about him running amuck.  Intelligent, concerned, talented, intriguing...all good reasons to bring a character into being.  I want to know more about this guy.       


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