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Comics and Black

  I was invited very last minute to attend the Albuquerque Comic Expo and be on the Local Filmmaker Panel Fri. June 23 from noon until 1pm.  We're scrambling to get some copies of the movie together as well as the score and buttons which will be on sale at the Comic Warehouse stall all day. 

  Soon enough we're going to connect Black to this website, probably with its own page associated with Atmospheric Productions, my independent film company.  Websites and Black so far have all managed to be difficult children indeed, so consolidation is in order here.  If anyone asks me tomorrow what the most difficult aspect of filmmaking has been I'm going to say websites.  They are my bane! 

   All marketing of Black, including the film festival entries that we'd been working on over the summer, had been put on hold last fall once I'd gone back to college.  Full time college took all my time, but perhaps now that I've adapted and with the resurgence of copyediting on the books and marketing going on, Black will resurface.  It's odd in a way.  It seems that the books may be easier to promote now than the movie.  How ironic. 

    For any interested that haven't seen it yet, here's the link to the Comic Expo's official site:


  It shall prove to be exciting!