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Zurigan's Child on Amazon.com

Over ten years after writing the first draft of Zurigan's Child, it has been pulled from the lonely depths of my computer and brought to the surface where anyone can read it for a mere $3.99. I am outrageously overjoyed because this new media has given me an opportunity I'd almost given up on ever achieving. Considering that publishers only publish about 3 or so new authors every year out of thousands who submit their material...it's really not encouraging.

However! No longer will Zurigan's Child have to endure the assistant editor's glare. No longer will it sit in the slush piles, never even read because in my haste I put the stamp on crooked or didn't have a fancy enough printer so hand wrote the address instead. (Seriously, these are legitimate reasons that I heard straight from editors.). Now it can indeed acquire readership. Finally. I love technology!


Waiting for Amazon Approval...

After many hours of slaving over nit picky details and jpegs, Zurigan's Child is finally in Kindle format and awaiting Amazon's approval.  Hopefully this will take a mere 24 hrs as promised.  My eternal gratitude goes to Tarl for his patience and OCD on making it as perfect as possible, and for keeping me from re-reading it AGAIN as I edited. 

Onto prepping it for epub format so those of you without Kindles can read it, too!  


Kindle formatting almost complete!

 Zurigan's Child is in the process of being formatted for the Amazon kindle. We will keep you updated on the progress.