Regan (Klyia Gibbs), an intelligent but reckless teen, fears her anger will one day destroy her.  While indulging in a life of drugs, drama, and deceit she connects to the story of Phear (Lydia Salazar), a sheltered bat-winged girl who believes she is destined to become evil.
      As the people in Regan's life attempt to bring her back under control, her anger and frustration build, threatening to consume her.  So, too, is Phear's demise when those who created her kidnap her and destroy everything she has ever known.  When both girls attempt to reclaim their freedom, each must face her rage to learn what it truly takes to become a monster.
      Shot entirely on location in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Black is the first installment of a trilogy written and directed by J. Starr Welty.  It features music by The Strand, Leiahdorus, and Random Access Memory, with an original score by local group Solid Ghost,
      Blacks unique look into the mind of a troubled teen will show you more truth than you dare to believe.  
  Purchasing Info

Copies of the movie are available on DVD, and the score is available on CD.  Please contact Shannon Thompson at willowsmt@yahoo.com for details.